AJ Froman Photoshoot

Like several other shoots I've had in the past, this shoot began with me going to the location, scouting the scene, and absorbing what we wanted to accomplish for the "feels" of the photos.  After being in OB for about an hour, I get a frantic call from the band leader explaining that the shoot wouldn't work out.  After another follow up call, the shoot was back on and we were on a tight schedule.  We ended up shooting in 3 locations, but in my opinion only one location was really useable for the shoot.  My favorite was Sunset Cliffs in OB, which I was able to lock in the vision by testing the camera on Patrick, their drummer, first.  Eventually the rest of the band showed up and we got some good shots.  Here are the test shots, and then full band.

PatrickSolo (1 of 9).jpg
PatrickSolo (4 of 9).jpg
PatrickSolo (5 of 9).jpg
AJFRO_ROUGH (3 of 18).jpg
AJFRO_ROUGH (1 of 18).jpg