Village Park - So California session

We had our first recording session with a new San Diego group Village Park who are a new Indie/Alt band lead by singer/Guitarist Luca Irvin, lead guitarist Sam Mark, Drummer Saige Synodin, and KeyBoard/Producer Nico Fabito. The group has been playing and writing songs together since early 2016.

Their debut track; titled "So California" was previously recorded in member Nico's home studio. So the group came into the studio with a working session. After we exported the stems from their session into our Pro Tools session we setup a rough mix of the track to start the production process. We found a few parts that everyone decided to re-track to take advantage of the extra gear available in the studio. 

We started the session by re-tracking the guitars. After demoing all of the guitars in the studio; guitarist Sam Mark picked the American Stratocaster plugged in through a few pedals (Fulltone 2, Fulltone Supertrem) into the vox AC30 2x12. Miked up with a Shure sm57 and an AKG c414, this makes up the sound you hear on the record.


Vox AC30cc2 miked with Shure sm57 & AKG c414XLS


After guitars were done the group wanted to blend their existing systhesized bass tracks with some bass tracks with our Fender Marcus Miller.  After a few passes of tracking and some mixing the new bass tracks added an missing layer into their single.

Next, it was time to track the vocals. Setting up the AKG c414 for lead singer Luca Irvin in our vocal booth and dialing in the sound we were looking for we re-tracked the vocals for the song. Stopping along the way as new production ideas came to the band, and American Accuracy producer Maxwell Hobbs who provided a creative input to help the band with vocal harmonies, structuring their melodies, and adding production elements within the mix.


Pro Tools session for "So California"



Village Park's "So California" was tracked in September 2016 at American Accuracy Recording by Morgan Taylor and Maxwell Hobbs.


Emily & Steve's Big Day

We had the pleasure to celebrate the marriage of Emily and Steve today.  We put together a few photos and a short video of the day for them to remember and watch the rest of their lives together.  Thanks for asking us to be part of it, and we wish you the very best!

Beautiful Wedding in sunny San Diego / La Jolla California

Beautiful Wedding in sunny San Diego / La Jolla California

Beautiful Wedding in sunny San Diego / La Jolla California

Beautiful Wedding in sunny San Diego / La Jolla California